My Very First Post

Ahhhh. This is crazy. I can’t believe the day is finally here – MY VERY FIRST POST.

This blog isn’t something I simply just created on a whim, like many of my fruitless endeavors. No, I actually thoroughly thought this through (woah..alliteration) and this has been something I have been planning for months. (In Clancy Time, one month = very, very long.)

The only thing that has really ever stopped me from creating a website/blog/whatever-you-want-to-call-this is the fact that I have a YouTube channel. I (A) didn’t want to lose focus on my YouTube and (B) figured that since I have a YouTube channel no one would be interested in my having a blog.

But then I realized 2 things.

1. In life, you just have to do what makes you happy. Rather than try to provide an answer for an endless stream of questions that form in your head, you just have to go out there and do what feels right. I wanted so badly to make a blog, so why should I let anyone or anything stop me?

2. Although it is true that I have a YouTube channel that I use to express myself, I think that a blog is an entirely different thing. I could make a ten minute video about petunias (just go with this for a second…) and then write a 10 page blog about petunias and they could end up being 2 completely different things. The medium, after all, sometimes is the message. By reading my posts, it will give everything an entirely new meaning, will provide you with an entirely new experience, and hopefully, will evoke entirely new opinions.

So….with that being said…..WELCOME and I hope you stick around!

10 thoughts on “My Very First Post

  1. I’m really looking forward to following your blog and seeing where it goes, Clancy! Your videos are amazing 🙂

  2. OWYeaHHHAA i love love love your videos clancy and im so excited about your blog. Please make blogposts ASAP!!! so I’m obsessed with working out lately, i started doing blogilates (on youtube) every day and i’m so curious what you do working out. And i would love to read a review about the body book and i love to read about your diet and omg clancy im excited

  3. Hi!! I LOVE your youtube videos and I’m a subscriber (duh) and I just wanted to say that you are simply AWESOME!! I wish I could be more like you. You have a very cool blog and I can’t wait to see more entries!
    -Nikki 12yrs old

  4. Its boy heres what happened … this really cute, nice guy was all over me like three months ago and drooling over me and my friend (lauren) had known him longer than me and she happened to have a mayjor crush on him or ssomething. He stoped textinn me three months ago and finally responded last night. I can tell shes mad at me for “loveing” him but she keeps saying she dont care because he never wanted to like ask her out or anything and she keeps sayinn im probly going to end up with him and i want to really badly but i dont want a guy to get between us, so what should i do?
    P.S. i don have a so just mention this in video so i know you read it

  5. clancy i love your new website and your youtube. you inspire me to be myself. when your videos (and now your new website #yay) pop up in my subscription box it makes my day. ily keep it up girl

    love your biggest fan,

  6. Clancy I’m so happy and I can’t wait to read everything you write on here! Keep it up, I’ll always be a huge fan of you, you’re writing seems amazing, if you ever write another book I will be sure to read it! I can’t wait to ready anything you write xoxo!!!

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