For You Writers Out There…

Recently I began taking out books from the library rather than waste hundreds of dollars in bookstores. One thing that I have noticed while reading my library books is that when I feel like taking a break and go to fold the page over to save my place, I notice that it has been folded here before. Nine out of ten times the page that I fold has already been folded. Most people probably wouldn’t think much of this, but I think it’s so interesting. What was it about this part of this book – this exact page – that made multiple readers want to stop reading? What was it that lost our interest?

They say that if you want to be a good writer, you must read. And read. And read. I used to not think that was true and didn’t quite understand why the two would correlate, but now I couldn’t agree more. Whenever I go to fold the page over and call it quits for a while, I ask myself, Why am I stopping right here right now? Reading allows you to see what works in a story and what does not. I think we all know by now that we learn from our mistakes. Reading ultimately allows us to learn from the mistakes of others, and prevent us from making them in our own writing.

Just thought that’d be a nice piece of advice for you writers out there!

2 thoughts on “For You Writers Out There…

  1. You’re post was really interesting! I used to hate reading, then I started again. My favorite book right now is “How to lead a life of crime.”

  2. I never thought about that I would just randomly stop. And I want to be a writer and I know that means lots of reading, learning new words, and practicing.

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