The Chocolate Factor

People ask me all the time, “Why in the world did you give up chocolate?” They’ll say things like, “It’s healthy in moderation” and “A little bit of chocolate isn’t that bad.” And those things are both 100% true. The problem really comes down to the fact that “limiting” is simply not in my vocabulary. For me, it just won’t work. Take just one cookie, you say? Um, no. How about I have the whole box?

Being healthy is finding out what works best for you. One of the biggest secrets to my success was eliminating chocolate from my diet. I have not had a crumb of chocolate since October of 2012. But you probably had something with a little bit of chocolate mixed in, right? Nope. Or a vanilla ice cream with little chocolate sprinkles? Wrong. What about chocolate syrup? NO. I truly have not had chocolate in almost 2 years, and that has helped me immensely. Think about it: 80% of all sweets (that’s just a ballpark figure) contain at least SOME sort of chocolate. So when I’m out and about and get a really big craving and think I might just crack, it’s not easy. More often than not, all sweets being served are out of the question for me because of the chocolate factor.

It’s never been in my personality to be able to limit myself to anything. Moderation doesn’t really exist with me. I mean, last night I practically ate an entire bag of grapes. So if you give me one chocolate chip cookie, that just won’t do it for me. I will need 10 more. (Actually, probably more like 50 if I’m being honest.) The same goes for random things in my life. I seem to either give things my 100%, or I just don’t try at all. There simply is no in between with me. Of course I should probably try to fix this, but it’s just my mentality and it’s hard to change.

If you’re struggling with eating healthy, I would consider completely restricting yourself of your #1 problem. The thing that you seem to like a little too much. It doesn’t just have to be chocolate. I simply chose chocolate because I was OBSESSED with it. Addicted, even. There would not be a day that went by that I didn’t eat a piece of chocolate.

And before you say, “There is NO WAY I can restrict myself of (insert favorite food here),” just know that I said that same thing. Before I restricted chocolate, the thought of going a day without it was absolutely INSANE. When I announced that I decided to give up chocolate, I thought I’d only give it up for a week. All my friends said I wouldn’t be able to do it. That was probably my biggest motivation – to prove them wrong. Then, before I knew it, a month had gone by, and 2 months, and 3, and now look at where I am now. 2 years later, I’m still going strong. People ask me if I will ever eat chocolate again, and I honestly don’t know. On one hand, how could I not? It was my favorite thing in the world, and can I really spend a lifetime without even another bite? On the other hand, however, I want to be healthy and happy for the rest of my life, and chocolate seems to hinder that plan.

So don’t ever say you can’t do something because you CAN! You are so much stronger than you think, and if you set your mind to something, then the sky really is the limit.

4 thoughts on “The Chocolate Factor

  1. I have the same problem. Not so much chocolate but just eating junk food all at once. I’ve gained a lot of weight and gained belly fat. Clancy, I was wondering (just an idea) if you can write a blog or a video on tips for staying healthy. Btw I’m a very picky eater!
    Love your blog and videos ❤

  2. I followed your advice and completely eliminated ice cream and cow milk from my diet. Not because I don’t like cow milk, but because I’m sort of allergic. Now my skin is really soft and I’ve lost about 2 pounds. It might not seem like a lot, but it is to me.

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