Some Advice for You Seniors Out There

SARA ASKS: Hey, I am going to be a senior in high school this year, and was wondering if you had any advice for me and other seniors, Thanks! (By the way, I love your youtube and blog!), Sara 

Thanks for your question, Sara!

The first piece of advice I would give to seniors in high school is do not slack off. I know so many people who went into senior year with the mentality that school no longer mattered and that this would be a joke year. Wrong. This is your time to truly give it your all. The first semester of your senior year will be the very last thing colleges will see about you. (Not to mention, you will most likely be taking your SAT’s for the last time!) I know so many people who completely blew off senior year, but when they started receiving their college rejection letters, wished they had not.

The second piece of advice might be slightly contradicting, but it is to not worry so much and don’t sweat the small stuff. I definitely got very stressed out my senior year, as I tried to maintain my place on the honor roll. While it was definitely great that I was receiving all A’s, in the grand scheme of life a few bad test grades aren’t going to ruin your future. While senior year is an important time to finish up your resumes and applications for colleges, you have to remember that it is equally important to spend time with the people you have spent the last three years with.

And that brings me to number three…Cherish every single moment! Even the ones that don’t seem like a big deal at all because trust me when I say that it’s the little things you’ll remember. For instance, while prom and graduation are both huge events for every senior, when I look back on my high school experience they’re not the things that I immediately remember. What I do recall is those lunches where my friends and I laughed until we peed our pants (true story…) or the times I got in trouble for talking in study hall. Each and every memory is so special and each and every day counts. It’s sometimes so hard to live in the moment, but that’s what, in my opinion, senior year is all about.

Good luck on your senior year!

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer and give my advice/input on, then feel free to click here and shoot me a message! 

8 thoughts on “Some Advice for You Seniors Out There

  1. Hi Clancy,
    I was just wondering if you had advice for 7th graders (I live in Canada so for me it’s the start of high school). I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Hey Clancy!
    I also would like to ask for advice! What do you do if the guy you like is dating someone you know but at the same time is giving you mixed messages?

  3. Hey Clancy,

    I’m going into high school this year, so I’m going to be a freshman. I’m pretty scared about it! So I was wondering what advice you have for freshman? Like how to meet people and make friends? How to survive academically? Do you have any tips? And also what was freshman year of high school like for you?

  4. Yes, you are very right on keeping your grades up on senoir year. A lot of people stop caring, but grades do matter!

  5. I’m going into my first year of high school! So excited but slightly adjetated about losing my friends and the courses I’m choosing..

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