My Trip to the Emergency Room…

After posting a photo of my hospital bracelet to instagram, a bunch of you guys asked what was wrong so I decided to make this video because I owed you an explanation. I am completely fine now, but that was definitely scary! Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 11.36.54 PM


The red bracelet, for those of you don’t know, is to alert the doctors and nurses that you have an allergy so that they don’t administer any medicine or food that could potentially hurt or kill you. It’s one of the very first questions they ask when you arrive in the emergency room: Do you have an allergy? 

One of the times I went to the emergency room in seventh grade, although it was clearly written on my chart, ALLERGIC TO APPLES, the doctors almost fed me applesauce with my medicine. I remember they got the applesauce, opened it up, and  I almost ate it because I was too shy to say I was allergic. Isn’t that crazy?! How could someone be too shy to say no to something that could kill her?! My mom said, just as I was about to take the applesauce, “Wait, aren’t you allergic to that?” And then the doctors apologized and obviously took the applesauce back. It just goes to show that (a) doctors make mistakes and (b) I was an idiot when I was younger.

Have any of you guys ever had an allergic reaction?

4 thoughts on “My Trip to the Emergency Room…

  1. That sucks Clancy! At least you’re still alive. One time I dyed my hair and afterwards my ears turned bright red and swollen! It was oozing pus! So gross. So I think I’m allergic to hair dye :/

  2. I can totally relate to your allergy problems. I myself have several food allergies, including tree nuts. I understand how scary anaphylaxis is, and I’ve always wished that there would be more awareness of food allergies. I always feel paranoid to eat in public because I fear that I will have a reaction to whatever it is I’m eating. Some people don’t understand how sensitive people with allergies can be, because any sort of contact can trigger a reaction. I appreciate your stories because it makes me realize that a lot of other people suffer with the same things I have.

  3. Oh I so do feel ya, I am allergic to pretty much every single plant outside and I suffer from it April to August. It isn’t as bad as your allergic reaction was and I never needed to go to the hospital but it’s still really annoying to feel itchy and sick all the time and it’s getting worse every single year… I hope it’s not going to happen to you again that bad.

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