The best exercise routine is the one that works for YOU.

It’s so true. Don’t pay attention to the woman next to you who has been at the gym for over 2 hours, and completely ignore the man in front of you who is lifting 200 pounds of weights. Although it’s easy to compare yourself to these people and think you have to be on their level, you simply cannot.

At college, I felt the need to workout more than usual. I would run endless amounts of miles on the treadmill, spend hours on the elliptical, and then do extravagant workouts on the matts, as well as strength training with weights. Do you know why I did it? Because it’s what everyone else was doing. Do you know where that got me? Absolutely nowhere.

My ankle literally became damaged from all the extra running, and my tendinitis got worse and worse as the weeks went by. All of the working out also made me very hungry and I would overcompensate by eating more, which obviously isn’t good. I was also tired all the time and began to dread these insanely difficult workouts. I thought it was the only way…

Fast forward a few months to the summer of 2014. My workouts are now shorter and relatively easier, yet I am seeing more results than I ever have, and am the healthiest I have ever been. Each day I simply run half a mile and then rotate between ab workouts and arm workouts. (I really need to implement some squats in there though….) That’s it. That’s all there is to it. And why I am seeing such great results with such a simple, short workout? Because that’s what works for me. Therefore, I do this workout every single day. In my opinion, frequency is one of the most important elements of getting healthy. You need to create a routine, and what’s the point of a complex, 2 hour workout routine if you’re not even going to do it?

This summer create a workout routine that works for YOU. Start small, and with each and every passing week, your body will be strong enough to do just a little bit more. As long as you’re active and doing something, then I guarantee you will see results.

Good luck and stay healthy!

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