The Fault in Our Books Being Turned into Movies…

I’m about to go see The Fault in Our Stars, and as weird as this sounds, I’m nervous. I know how weird that sounds (to be nervous about going to see a movie…) but let me explain.

A few months ago, I read the book and absolutely loved it. I remember sitting in my dorm room, sacrificing precious hours of sleep (which are extra precious in college) so that I could continue enjoying this great read. I fell in love with the way it was written, the plot, and most importantly, the characters. In my mind, The Fault in Our Stars and everything about it is just so perfect to me.

…And that is why I am scared to see the movie. I am scared that this movie will ruin my perception of perfection and destroy everything this book meant to me.

In my opinion, this is true with a lot of movies based on novels. You go into that movie theater knowing you will leave with some sort of disappointment on some level, yet you see the movie anyway.

I am so anxious to see this movie and will definitely follow up tomorrow with what I think!

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