The Fault in Our Stars: Book vs. Movie

Last night I saw The Fault in Our Stars and it was amazing. They did an amazing job with bringing the novel to life and respecting the plot. Between the acting, soundtrack, and overall production, it was pretty much perfect.

If I had to choose between the book and movie, I guess I would naturally pick the book. Movies have a hard time keeping my attention. About an hour in, regardless of what movie it is, I always find myself getting a little bit bored. I don’t know how people just sit around and enjoy movies all day. What I love about books is that you can read at your own leisure. Whenever I get bored, I simply fold the page, put the book down, and do something else for a bit. With a movie, you can’t really do that.

And can we talk about Shailene Woodley? She has become my favorite actress of all time, both on and off camera. She is not only an amazingly talented actress, but also a surprisingly intellectual human being. I have watched a few interviews of hers and she carries herself in a way that one would not expect.

Anyway, I am superrrr tired so I’m going to end this here.

Long story short: If you have not read the book, then read the book. If you have not watched the movie, then watch the movie. It will be well worth your time!

2 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars: Book vs. Movie

  1. Usually I prefer books over movies as well but this time – and I’ve talked to a couple of people that agreed – I think the movie is even better than the book, yet the book is still pretty amazing!

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