Advice for Those Dealing With Anxiety

KAT ASKS: Hey clancy! i watched your video about anxiety and panic attacks (it helped a lot btw) and i was just wondering if there was any other additional advice you could suggest for someone dealing with anxiety? thank you!! (btw you’re extremely funny and i love your youtube) -kat 

Hey Kat! Thanks for your question!

Firstly, for anyone who is not familiar with my YouTube videos, you can watch the first one here (where I talk about how my anxiety began), and the second one here (where I talk more in depth about dealing with anxiety). My anxiety was, at one point, very bad and lead me to the emergency room many times. Now? I am 100% anxiety-free. It just goes to show that it’s not something you have to live with for the rest of your life. It’s not incurable.

The biggest advice I can give anyone with anxiety is to first write down exactly what is causing your anxiety. What is triggering this state of mind. What is controlling you. For me, it was the paralyzing fear of dying after having a near-death experience. Although recognizing the route of my anxiety wasn’t an immediate cure, it eventually lead me to see how irrational my thinking was. On Day 5 I thought, Yes, I am so scared of dying. Get me to a hospital now!! But on Day 55 I thought, Yes, I am scared of dying. That is true. But it’s irrational and if I let go of this specific fear, I will be letting go of these anxiety attacks. 

Yes, it does take time. Anxiety is not something you can cure overnight. But you can cure it. I am living proof of that.

Another huge tip I would give to people is to stay busy. Being alone with your thoughts is the most dangerous place you can be. Go out with friends. Play a board game. Watch movies. Do something; anything. As long as your mind (which is basically your #1 enemy) is being distracted, your anxiety will not have a home to live in.

Although those are 2 huge tips, there are so many more & I can definitely make another blog post/YouTube video if you guys want! Good luck, stay strong, and remember that you are safe.

If you have any questions that you would like me to answer and give my advice/input on, then feel free to click here and shoot me a message! 

3 thoughts on “Advice for Those Dealing With Anxiety

  1. Thank you so much! I’m a person who has severe anxiety and is dealing with it. I appreciate your tips on how to deal with it

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