Finding Motivation to Workout

ANONYMOUS ASKS: What is your biggest advice for staying motivated & healthy? How do you convince yourself to workout when you don’t feel like it? 

Thank you for your question!

Finding the motivation to workout can, at times, be harder than the actual workout itself. When it’s time to workout, excuses seem to conveniently pile into our heads.

Well, you know, I really don’t have time. 

Um, then make time.

My ankle is actually kind of hurting.

You don’t need ankles to do crunches, roll-ups, or lift weights.

Bottom line: excuses don’t make progress. You do.

I feel like the key to working out is to just not think about. Just do it. Get out of bed, drink a cup of tea if you have to, and, without thinking, put on your running shoes and GO.

Also, take it one step at a time. Don’t say, Ugh. First I have to run a mile. Then I have to workout my arms. Then abs. This is going to SUCK. Instead, focus on absolutely nothing but your cardio until you are done. And then, if you are feeling good, continue onto the abs and arms. The times I don’t workout are when I feel like it’s just too overwhelming. When I give myself the option of quitting after the run, I am more likely to do it. (And 90% of the time the run makes me feel so good that I don’t stop after it, and continue on with strength training.)

And lastly, always keep the end goal in mind. Think about the immediate reward (how great you will feel after you have worked out), and of course, the overall reward (what great shape you will be in if you keep this up!). Take it day by day. Out of 24 hours, I think you can spare just one!

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