Country Music

For as long as I can remember, since about forever, I have hated country music. If it came on the radio, I would turn the radio off. If it popped up in my “Suggested for You” box on YouTube, I would ignore it. And God forbid anyone were to talk about their love for it, I would silently judge their appalling taste in music.

Recently, however, I have noticed just how much I love it. Although I love a song with a good beat when I’m out partying with my friends, it’s not really what I want to be listening to when I’m just hanging out in my bedroom. Or when I want to be inspired. (Songs like “SuperBass” by Niki Minaj are hardly inspiring…) But country music, in my newly formed opinion, does just that. It’s so raw, real, and inspiring.

Take Brad Paisley’s song, Letter to Me, for example. In the song, he’s writing a letter to his high school self and oh my gosh…it is just so good. He’s telling himself that all of the things that his high school self thinks are such a big deal, such as a broken heart and homecoming king, really are not. And it’s just so refreshing.

Then that video of Luke Bryan pulling that little girl onto the stage went viral. I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but if not, you can click here. It was so sweet, endearing, and wonderful to watch and it made me realize that the whole country music culture is just so perfect. You would never see something like that at a Kanye West or Lady Gaga concert. Never in a million years. The whole vibe is so different. And I actually hate it. The last time I went to a concert was junior year of high school. I’ve been invited to go to various concerts by various friends at least 100 times since then, but I just find no interest in hanging out with that group of people. I know I’m stereotyping, but it’s kind of true.

Maybe I can elaborate even further another time, but for now, my stomach is growling and I really want an egg white omelette. Lol. So I am going to go do just that. What are  your thoughts on the topic?


3 thoughts on “Country Music

  1. I love country music because of the stories it tells and it makes me happy to have a song that doesn’t have a bad message. I know some country songs do, and several noncountry songs have good messages, but those aren’t usually the ones that get popular.

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