Your mind is only an enemy if you let it be one

Our minds are more powerful than we even realize. Than we can even imagine. You could have brand new workout shorts, $200 running shoes, and a ready-to-use gym right down the street, but none of that will matter if your mind decides you’re not going to leave your house that day. Your mind could be what pushes you to do that extra set of pushups, but it could also be what tells you that you really don’t have to workout today. Bottom line: Your mind is both your best friend and biggest enemy.

This morning, for example, I groggily awoke to my 9:15 alarm. My first thought? I do not want to workout right now. No. No. No. After forcing myself out of bed, I immediately went to change into my workout clothes. As I gathered them, however, my mind started to waver. You know, I started to think, maybe I shouldn’t workout right now. Maybe I actually don’t have enough time before I go to the beach. It was 9:15 and I was supposed to go to the beach at noon. (I had time.) It actually might be a much better idea if I workout when I get home from the beach. Yeah, that actually might be better. Procrastinating your workout until “later” is never a good idea because “later” never comes; later does not exist. As I stood there, I let myself be controlled by these taunting thoughts, but only for a moment. When I realized what was happening, that my mind was playing tricks on me, I changed into my workout clothes at lightning speed so that I wouldn’t have time to let my mind process what was going on.

Fast forward one hour and I am sweaty, tired, and most importantly, content. I didn’t let my mind stop me from working out, but instead, used it to help me workout. When I had 10 more minutes left of my workout and my arms felt like they were going to fall off, it was my mind that told me to keep going, you got this.

Your mind is only an enemy if you let it be one.

You have to realize the difference between excuses and reasons and, once you fight off the initial excuses, find the reasons.

3 thoughts on “Your mind is only an enemy if you let it be one

  1. is it weird that i actually LOVE to exercise?? i get excited just thinking about it! it just feels so exhilarating. i can’t wait to get out of bed and take a run. everyone thinks im weird for liking it lol

  2. Congrats on your achievements, Clancy! I decided to use your post here to create a YouTube video that says basically the same exact thing, but with just a few words switched out for others, such as (magic) “ritual” in place of “work out” and “wizard garb” in place of “work out clothes”. I’d say it’s playful. 🙂

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