A Difference You Might Not Notice…But I do

Today I spent all day filming and editing my Summer Dresses Lookbook. I rarely film and edit a video on the same day. Usually I’ll film a bunch of videos and then sit down and edit them the next day or maybe even the day after. It makes the process more fun because I forget the exact contents/details of the video and there is an element of surprise. Today, however, I had no choice. As you all probably know, I upload every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Usually I have a video ready to upload before I actually have to, in order to avoid stress. Personally, I think being on time is too late; I like to be ahead of the game. Well, that wasn’t the case today and I literally spent my entire day working on this one video and then uploading it. And although you guys wouldn’t notice the change, to me, this made everything different.

As weird as this may sound, whenever I upload my videos I feel like an entirely different girl is in front of the camera. The whole video is so old in my mind that sometimes I forget I’m the one on the screen. When I uploaded today, however, that wasn’t the case. Everything is so much more “live” than it normally is. And I like that. It somehow makes it more rewarding and for some reason makes every comment mean that much more. Crazy, right? You wouldn’t think it’d make a difference but it does. All the little things in life really do make a difference.

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