I Challenge YOU

When people tell me they don’t enjoy reading, the first thing I think is “You just haven’t found a good book yet.” Obviously this isn’t always true, but more times than not, I think it is. If I’m going to be frank, I think school destroyed reading. It took any chance for kids to love books and words and stories and threw it out the door. Not only is the selection of books terrible, but also when you force someone to do something, he or she is automatically not going to want to do it. It’s science.

Personally, I didn’t enjoy reading (to the extent that I read multiple books a week) until college. It’s funny because that’s exactly when the required reading stopped for me. (Obviously I have to read textbooks, but no novels.) It was as soon as I could read and explore books on my own terms that I truly developed a love for it.

My challenge for you is to try to find a book you will enjoy. Maybe that’ll be an autobiography, or maybe it’ll be a fictitious love story. Whatever you do, don’t read what you think you should. Who cares what anyone thinks about your selection? Who cares about what anyone thinks in general? Not me, and certainly not YOU!

3 thoughts on “I Challenge YOU

  1. I used to think I hated reading, but I’ve recently started reading Stephen King’s books and I love them! I never thought I would enjoy reading a book, but I’ve read 3 of his books already and a John Green book.

  2. Ya if it forced to rad something u will guarenree 2 hate it it better to find somethib you like maybe lain thru that is always Gud

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