When I picked up this book in the library, all I thought was, “Hey. She has the same name as me. Why not give it a read?” I can assure you that I had absolutely no idea that this would (mostly) be a parenting/marriage advice book. As I turned the pages, however, I began to realize that this wasn’t simply just an autobiography, and honestly, I didn’t even care!

While admittedly this book is definitely directed toward moms and wives, I absolutely loved it. Brooke is so open, honest, and candid throughout the novel, which are three essential ingredients in order to be a success in non-fiction. Although I’m 18 and nowhere near ready to have children (like not even within the decade…), it was so interesting reading about motherhood and marriage. I always pictured both of them to be a piece of cake, but that’s just not the case. Brooke shares stories of mistakes she’s made being both a wife and mom, including the time she left her baby in a car while out at Starbucks with friends. (Crazy, I know.)

Most people would recommend this book for moms and wives, but honestly, I think it’s perfect for every female of every age. So often we are limited to certain categories of books due to gender, age, and general interests, but I think it’s important to expand our horizons. Are you normally drawn to love stories? Next time you go to the bookstore, wander into the mystery section! Why not? Take a chance. You have nothing to lose!

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