We Can All Find Happiness

When you look at a beautiful home in a gated community with an expensive car in the driveway, your first reaction is most likely something along the lines of, Wow, the man who lives inside that house is so lucky. Everything is probably perfect in his life. What could he possibly have to complain about? Likewise, when you look at a disheveled home in a dangerous neighborhood with no car in the driveway, you probably feel sorry for its owners. In actuality, however, all of these things in one’s life are irrelevant. In actuality, we equate all the wrong things with happiness. 

Robin Williams is the perfect example. He was rich, successful in his career, and a role model to millions, yet clearly somehow couldn’t find happiness. Yet if you were to see him on the streets, or in a movie, you would automatically assume nothing could possibly be wrong in his life.

The happiest of people deal with toughest of problems.

We hear it time and time again, but I don’t we quite believe it: Money doesn’t buy happiness. Nor does fame. Nor does anything or anyone, really. Happiness, at the end of the day, comes from within. It doesn’t matter about the car you drive, job you have, or home you live in. If it did, Robin Williams would still be on this earth.

It just goes to show that everyone has a chance to be happy. Isn’t that such a wonderful thought? No matter where you live or what you have, you can find happiness.

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