I have a bunch of tests to study for, papers to write, and a workout to complete, yet I am sitting in my bed feeling sicker than ever. One word: egg whites.

If you remember, I developed an egg white intolerance a few months ago during the summer. Basically, every time I eat them I get a combination of TERRIBLE stomach pains with so much nausea. It is seriously the worst. Anyway, the last time this happened I stopped eating egg whites for a few days and then it went away (and I resumed eating my egg white omelets, of course).

This time, however, that was not the case. I gave myself a four day egg white break and then thought all would be okay if I had them today.


It’ll pass eventually though. I hope…

Last night I went to a bar and had so much fun, as usual. I seriously have just been having such a good time lately. Even though I definitely need my alone time, I genuinely love just going out and meeting new people. Everyone is so nice.

Honestly, I’ve realized that life is literally just what you make it. You could have a good day, or a bad one. A good time. Or a bad one.

The choice is yours.

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