What happens when two former lovers reunite after over 20 years apart? “The Best of Me,” a movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks’ novel, has your answer.

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Dawson Cole and Amanda Collier met and fell in love in high school, despite coming from two entirely different worlds. She was pretty, popular and rich, and he came from “white trash.”

Their love was like no other, but after a series of unfortunate events, they were torn apart and set on completely different paths. Until, that is, they both return for the funeral of an old friend two decades later.

Everyone will ask the same burning question: Does the love they once shared still exist, and more importantly, is it enough?

Throughout the movie, the scenes switch between present-day and flashbacks. This keeps things interesting and leads to a great deal of suspense.

It’s kind of like two different stories are being told, both of equal interest to the audience. There’s no time to get bored with the storyline because there is always something new.

Nicholas Sparks’ movies are known for having a phenomenal cast and “The Best of Me” is no exception.

Michelle Monaghan, who plays present-day Amanda, and James Marsden, who plays Dawson, are a good match. But where the casting really flourishes is with younger Amanda and Dawson.

Liana Liberato and Luke Bracey completely steal the show. The acting is spot-on, their chemistry is off the charts, and they are so much fun to watch.

Because the flashbacks take place in the 1900’s, the scenery and outfits are also fun to look at. There’s just something about those classic old cars and knee-length summer dresses that brings vibrancy and character to a movie set.

The only major complaint is true of almost every single Nicholas Sparks creation: it is predictable.

This movie is actually much better than the rest and the ending was quite impressive. The only problem is that you always know what’s coming at least five minutes before it happens. There’s never a complete blindside or surprise. It’s basically all spelled out for you and doesn’t take a scientist to decipher.

Now for the part that is always the most controversial: did the movie do the book justice?

The answer is almost always a big, fat resounding “NO.” People who treasured and worshipped the novel usually leave the movie theater feeling disappointed, disgusted, or a combination of both.

With “The Best of Me,” however, this was not the case.

The movie truly is an accurate representation of the novel. With the exception of a few minor things, it’s as if the filmmakers ripped out the pages of Sparks’ novel and threw it on the screen.

The only huge difference between the book and novel is details surrounding the breakup between Amanda and Dawson. This really didn’t affect the plot and was actually a smart move on the filmmakers’ part. The movie version flows better with the plot and adds suspense and interest, two vital ingredients of any successful movie.

Ultimately, lovers of the novel should be quite pleased with the movie, as should people who are unfamiliar with either.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a cute, predictable romance movie with the perfect amount of suspense and quotable lines, then “The Best of Me” is the movie for you.

Grab a few friends, buy a tub of popcorn, and head over to your local movie theater. Oh, and don’t forget your box of tissues. After all, it IS a Nicholas Sparks’ movie!

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6 thoughts on “THE BEST OF ME | BOOK VS. MOVIE (Review)

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    • I just watched the movie for the first time and loved it. So I picked up the book. I only read the first chapter. Second chapter started revealing huge differences from movie. I couldn’t continue. I was too disappointed. Such a bummer because I wanted to read it so bad. Thumbed through the pages to get to the movie scenes I liked, but couldnt find any more throughout the rest of the book. Sorry Nick. Guess I shouldve read your book first.

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