Gone are the days of relying on magazines, books, and TV for health and fitness information and inspiration. Now, a galore of tips, tricks, recipes, and advice are at the disposal of anyone with a smart phone.

And how might that be possible?

One word: Instagram.

Health and fitness accounts are one of the most prevalent types on Instagram. More likely than not, you’re probably even following a few.

But the real question is: Are you following the right ones?

Here are ten awesome fitness/health accounts that are so much more than, well, just another generic fitness account.


A former bikini competitor, Amy is in amazing shape. The pictures of her abs and toned triceps are enough to motivate anyone, but what really sets her account apart from others are her captions. Yes, they’re quite lengthy, but every word she writes is worth reading.

Some days those captions talk about how great she’s feeling and how motivated she is, while other days that’s not the case.

Bottom line: She’s real.

You don’t feel like you’re following some robot who looks great in a bikini. She’s a human and has such great advice.


If seeing a 200-pound woman lose 50 pounds right before your very own eyes isn’t inspirational, then nothing is.

This Instagram account features a bunch of “before and after” photos of people who decided to whip themselves into shape.

It gives you the “if he/she can do it, then so can I” feeling that really allows you to just go for it.


Ashley is a personal trainer who just so happens to be absolutely perfect.

Kidding. (Kind of.)

Her body is the perfect balance of “skinny but muscular” and seeing pictures of her abs on your timeline will have you flocking to the gym.


Eating right is such a vital part of a healthy, happy life. This doesn’t include starving yourself, nor does it include stuffing your face with Oreos. However, finding delicious food with nutritional value can sometimes be hard.

That’s where Kymberly comes in.

New York Times Best-Selling author of a nutrition book, this girl knows what she’s talking about.

Somehow, she makes plain, boring meals into something you’d actually want on your plate.

For some serious foodspiration, this is the account to follow.

  1. ABS4ALL

The stomach is one of the biggest target areas for people when working out, and unfortunately, one of the hardest areas to tone.

ABS4ALL has some great workouts to really whip this troubled area into shape.

Lower abs. Upper abs. Obliques. Midsection. This account covers it all.


Jessie is a former bikini competitor who really struggled with “life after the competition.” The transition was hard and she’s not afraid to admit that. As a matter of fact, it’s still hard for her, but that’s what makes her account so inspirational.

Dieting and exercising all the time isn’t easy and it’s refreshing and reassuring to know you’re not alone.


This account is more for the person who has a true passion/love for fitness. The posts are less informational and more humorous, which dedicated gym-goers will find funny, but for those who aren’t as into fitness, not so much.


Alexa is not only a gym-addict, but most importantly, a mother and a wife. She incorporates her child into a lot of her workouts and doesn’t let a hectic life get in her way. No excuses.


Of all the generic “fit girls” Instagram accounts, this one just might be the best. There are tons of workout videos constantly being posted which not only provide excellent, new workout moves, but also give the some motivation that we all know you need!



Brett is a personal trainer with a big love for the gym and even bigger love for helping people out.

His posts include his own workouts, healthy meals/recipes, inspirational quotes, and basically everything in between.

He also has a YouTube channel, under the same username, which goes more in-depth.


And there you have it! Ten health/fitness Instagram accounts that are actually worth following.



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