A few summers ago (in 2011, to be exact) I created “The Ultimate Summer Bucket List. There must’ve been over 100 things on the list and it probably took me week to write. But do you know how many I was able to cross off as the first day of school rolled around? Probably about 10. The list consisted of absolutely ridiculous goals and completely unrealistic expectations. Go bungee jumping? I don’t think so… Read 50 books in 3 months? No. Just no. After creating this insane list and watching it be a huge fail, I vowed to never create another bucket list ever again for as long as I live. But now here I am, ready to break that promise and make a new list…

However, this list is going to be completely different. These are going to be things I actually really want to do. I’m not just going to add things for the sake of adding them. So, with that little disclaimer, here are a few things I plan on doing this summer.

1. Go to a waterpark


Ever since I can remember, I have absolutely hated hated HATED roller coasters. I used to be so embarrassed of this little fear of mine, but now I completely embrace it. There is just nothing I find fun about being thrust in all different directions, spun upside down, and dropped hundreds of feet. But waterparks are a completely different story.

I’ve actually only gone to waterparks a few times in my life, but the times I did go were so much fun. Waterslides don’t scare me the way roller coasters do and are The main complaint amongst anti-waterpark people is that it’s “dirty.” Honestly, all I have to say about that is take a shower when you get home and you’ll be fine. It’s not the end of the world and more likely than not, you won’t contract a rare disease…

2. Re-read To Kill a Mockingbird 


The first and only time I ever read this book was in 8th grade, if you can even call what I did “reading.” It was a book assigned for school and as a 13-year-old, I had absolutely no respect for the novel, nor did I fully comprehend its importance. Since then, I’ve seen the movie and have an entirely new perspective, one that can only be given through age and experience. I really want to re-read this classic.

3. Try at least one new food


Not necessarily healthy. Not necessarily unhealthy. Just new. I’m very stuck in my ways, especially when it comes to food. This is mainly because when I do decide to try something new at restaurants, I almost always regret it and spend my entire dinner fantasizing about the meal I normally get. So…this summer I want to try something new at least once. It can’t hurt to try.

4. Attend a concert


To be honest, there is absolutely nothing appeasing about concerts to me. When I’m there, I actually always have such a good time, but for whatever reason, whenever people ask me to go, I couldn’t be bothered. I just hate having something so set in stone so far away. 3 months from now? Who knows if I’ll even still like that band. But this summer I want to just suck it up and buy a ticket because I know I’ll have a good time.

5. Improve my stamina 


I actually haven’t gone running in quite some time due to a toe injury, but this summer I want to be a “runner.” I don’t really have any specific goals in mind. When I do ab and arm workouts, all I’m thinking about and envisioning is a six-pack and nicely toned muscles. But with running, it’s all about how it makes me feel right then and there. I just absolutely love the high you immediately get and how great you feel. Even just a quick sprint around the block can improve my mood tenfold.

6. Buy a car


I need a car. Enough said.

7. Frequent trips to the beach 


I live about 20 minutes away from the beach, yet every summer I only end up going a few times. I don’t know how or why! This summer I definitely want to make it a point to go more often. I’m not saying I’ll go twice every single week, but definitely more than usual.

8. Get outside and be active

I don’t want to just go to a bunch of bars/parties this summer and stay out until all hours of the night. I want to do fun things and enjoy beautiful summer days. Tossing a football around or even playing handball are perfect examples.


9. Take my dog on walks 


The main reason I don’t take Molly on walks is because an average walk looks a lot like the picture above. It takes some serious muscle to control my dog when going on a walk and isn’t the most pleasant experience. However, she enjoys it so much and I love seeing her happy.

10. Go to the movies


I absolutely LOVE going to the movies. I have no idea why, but over the past year or two I developed an absolute obsession with the movies. The whole experience is just so much fun and so relaxing and ugh – I just love the movies and plan on going at least once or twice this summer.

11. NYC Karaoke


I’ve gone karaoke-ing at a couple of places in NYC before, and it is so. much. fun. You gather a bunch of friends, take a train into the city (less than an hour away for me), and rent out a room at one of these places where you sing at the top of your lungs for a couple of hours. I would never be the type to karaoke in front of a bunch of strangers, but if I’m with close friends you bet I’ll be standing on the tables, belting out every word to I Will Survive.

12. Film a Bunch of YouTube Videos


Lastly, and most importantly, I want to continue making YouTube videos! I took a bit of a break toward the end of the school year, as things got really hectic, but I want to take advantage of having some extra time and put out great content. I absolutely love YouTube and never want to stop!

And….that’s my list. Obviously I plan on doing a lot more this summer, but these are just 12 random things that popped into my mind first. If I can cross at least 10 of these off my list come September, I will be satisfied. 🙂

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