And yet another Emily Giffin book that I just couldn’t seem to put down….
I really don’t know what it is about this woman and her writing, but she is truly, truly, TRULY talented.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.07.35 PM

Heart of the Matter tells the story of two women whose lives become entangled after a terrible accident that ultimately results in a critically injured child and complicated love affair.

The book opens from Tessa’s point of view on the night of her anniversary. Instantly, we see that Tessa and her husband, Nick, have a strong marriage and undeniable bond. Even when Nick, being a plastic surgeon, is paged into work in the middle of dinner, Tessa holds no resentment. Of course, this is exactly when Nick meets Valerie, a single mother whose child has been badly injured and has been rushed to the hospital. The book quickly switches to Valerie’s perspective (and alternates between the two women’s perspectives throughout) and we see a vulnerable woman with a fierce love for her child and strong desire to fill an empty hole in her heart.

I feel like what makes this book so captivating is that we see both women’s sides and feel empathy for both. So often you are given a bunch of information and quickly pick a side. It’s clear who is right and who is wrong. But in Heart of the Matter, that’s not the case. I found myself rooting for Tessa and Nick’s marriage one minute, and then rooting for Valerie, and her love affair with Nick, the next.

It’s not easy to create this dynamic, but Giffin did an absolutely amazing job.

I tore through this book in 3 days and give it 5 stars, although I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the ending….

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