THE BREAKUP | Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?

Well, it seems as though the inevitable has happened. No, Donald Trump isn’t president and no, Desperate Housewives is not back on Netflix. This is WAY more serious than that: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have called it quits.


It’s funny. As much as you anticipate and expect something to happen, you’ll still feel shocked when it does. Like you didn’t see it coming (even though we all did). And if you truly were blindsided by this breakup, then you either
(a) are the most oblivious person on the planet
(b) are a hopeless romantic, OR
(c) have simply not bothered keeping up with those Kardashians.

Regardless, Scott and Kourtney are done. Finito. And even if you really were rooting for them as a couple, I think we all knew deep down that it just wouldn’t last forever. There are a plethora of reasons for this, and naturally, we all have our own. Personally, for me, the old saying Once a cheater, always a cheater comes to mind. This is a highly controversial point of view and everyone seems to have a different take on it. For a while I went back and forth on my stance, but now I have a solid belief that I don’t see changing any time soon:

Once a cheater on Sally, always a cheater on Sally. But that doesn’t mean he’ll cheat on Vanessa. 

I don’t think one wrong choice means a person is innately evil or incapable of being faithful for the rest of his life. What I do believe is that if things are truly “meant to be” or “right,” then a man would never cheat. So..if a man cheats on you, dump him. No. matter. what. But that doesn’t mean he’s an evil person or will be an unfaithful douchebag for the rest of his life. (It most certainly could mean that. But it doesn’t have to.)

While Scott didn’t cheat on Kourtney (well, he might have, but there’s no proof of that), the saying can still be applied to this situation. While every road is going to be bumpy, I’m pretty sure a relationship shouldn’t feel like you’re climbing Mount Everest. And that’s exactly what their relationship seemed to be, at least from an outsider’s perspective.

In the recent seasons of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Scott became one of the most-loved members of the cast. He seemed like he put his whole past behind him and really changed. And he probably fooled Kourtney and a nation of people for quite a few years.

But to me, the reality was and still is: Scott Disick is Scott Disick and it’s clear that his past was never just his past; it’s who he was and who he is.

(Also, can I please just state how annoying it was writing this post as my spell check refused to accept that Kourtney Kardashian doesn’t spell her name with a C?!)

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