Back from Ireland…

Well, my little vacation is over and what better way to celebrate than a nice, 8-hour workday?! Ha. My first day back wasn’t so bad though, and I really can’t complain because I’ve had the last week off.

Ireland was, as always, such a great time. There are only 2 things I don’t like about the place.

1. The weather absolutely sucks. Not only does it rain almost every day, it’s cold in the summertime! The fact that I was wearing my NorthFace in July is a crime.

2. The food. Maybe I just wasn’t hitting up the right places, but I absolutely detested/abhorred/LOATHED the food. First of all, they don’t have my absolute favorite breakfast cereal (/the only cereal I will eat), Go Lean! Kashi. Secondly, it’s just not the same as America. I just feel like the meals aren’t as appetizing/substantial in Ireland. I found myself having to order a side of french fries (or chips, as the Irish call them) with every meal because the meals just didn’t fill me up enough. And if you know anything about me and my overly sensitive stomach then you should know that 24/7 french fries is not the best idea. Also, the nutrition labels are sooo confusing. I’ve never missed a classic nutrition label more in my life…

But anyway…rather than write every little detail of my trip, I decided to film it. So if you’re curious as to what went down in the land of my people, check out my vlog channel! As of right now, the first 2 days of my trip are posted.

The first video is my travel day/arriving in Ireland, as well as a few clips of my friends and me from the night before I left. Traveling to another country/time zone is not a pleasant experience for any body and by the end of that video I thought I was going to pass out of exhaustion.

In the second video I meet up with my cousin and go out to a nightclub with her and her friends in Roscommon. It was so much fun, as you’ll see from the footage. 😉

I absolutely loooove recording my vacations and can’t imagine not doing so. Looking back on past memories is one of my favorite things to do. As much as my YouTube channel is for you guys, it’s also for myself. And that’s how I think it should be, and how I think it becomes the most rewarding.

I feel really bad because I’ve been slacking majorly with my YouTube channel since my vacation. I didn’t exactly pre-film…. #oops. But at the same time, everyone deserves a little respite from their work and obligations, and I’m only human!

Well, I’d better go make myself some dinner and then watch the Bachelorette finale. I don’t know which I’m more excited about…the finale or some good ol’ American food.

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