There is just something so magical about being awake before 7AM. I don’t know where I got that time from (why not 6 or 8?), but regardless, I just love being awake before everyone else; before the sun. We get so caught up in day-to-day activities that we forget how wonderful each and every day truly is. On Monday I’m already planning for Friday, and somehow I seem to forget about all of the days in between.

When you’re given so much of something, it’s easy to take it for granted. Food, health, and even each and every day of your life. We don’t enjoy Tuesday simply because we know we’re getting a Wednesday. And why make Wednesday count when I know there will be a Thursday? With calendars, alarms, and planners we are designed to always be looking forward. We are never in the now; never appreciating what is in front of us. We fly through life, not taking advantage of all these moments, if only because we know there will be more. 

Today could be your last day for all you know. Yeah, yeah. I’ve heard that one before. You could get hit by a bus or abducted by aliens or eaten by a giraffe that escaped from the zoo. But more likely than not, that won’t happen. More likely than not, you will wake up tomorrow morning. And more likely than not, you will take it all for granted.

The crazy thing is that I don’t know if there is a solution. I don’t know how to take advantage of every moment and I don’t know if that is even possible. There’s no getting around the need to schedule and plan out your days, weeks, and months. You can’t just throw out your agendas and iPhones (God forbid…) and calendars. But what you can do is look up. Be aware of this. Realize how you’re choosing to spend your time. You can’t make every single minute of your day productive, but if there’s one thing you should’ve realized by now, it’s that every. single. minute. counts. So even if not every minute can be life-changing for you, 5 meaningful minutes a day beats 0.

Go make your 5 minutes count.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.46.16 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.12.39 PM

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