Lately (as of lately I mean within the past 4 days lol) I’ve been suuuuuper excited about Youtube. I am so excited to create some good content on both my main channel and my vlog channel. While at school, it’s practically impossible to make anything worth watching (other than vlogs). I have no lighting system here and the natural light from my window is TERRIBLE, which is really disappointing. However, Thanksgiving break is coming up (and then Christmas) and I really really really want to create some awesome content during that time period! As I type this I am cringing because I feel like whenever I say that I end up doing absolutely nothing and being a total slacker, but I really don’t want that to be the case this time!

Something really exciting is that I bought a brand-spankin new camera! I have been using the same Sony Handycam for over 4 years. In the electronic world, that is a sin. Anyone who knows anything about cameras is completely shocked (and probably a little disgusted) when I tell them this. “You need a DSLR,” they say. So finally I decided to bite the bullet, and after much research, I BOUGHT ONE. (I ended up ordering online so it’s still not here yet.)

The camera I decided to go for is the Canon Rebel T5i. I’m very late to the Canon Rebel game, and there are much higher quality versions out there, but this will definitely suit me just fine. I also got a mic for audio so that my voiceovers won’t sound like crap anymore. Ahhh I’m excited. I’m finally going to have the proper tools to do what I want to do. And I’m considering investing in a diva ring light to use at college, but I’m kind of in a coma from spending so much as it is, so for now, I’m good. Maybe I’ll put it on my Christmas list…

In general, I am a very frugal person. I don’t drop hundreds on designer clothes, I don’t eat out often, and I am careful with my money. (Buying a car this summer and seeing thousands of dollars disappear from my bank account was not fun.) With that being said, it’s hard for me to make a giant purchase. For me to throw away hundreds of dollars. But I kind of just told myself that this is an investment. And this is what I genuinely love to do. And you know what? I think I deserve it. And I think it’ll really pay off.

(Another exciting thing about the camera I got is that it also takes very good quality pictures. Maybe I could take some for my blog! I think getting more into photography could be fun. Definitely not a promise though because I currently have a lotttt on my plate.)

Today I also decided to revamp both of my YouTube pages. I loooooove the way they came out.

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 5.35.35 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 5.36.08 PM

Right now I’m planning a bunch of holiday videos. I love Christmastime SO MUCH. Like it is just the best time of the year and everyone is happy and merry and jolly and ugh. I’m excited.

Well, I’m gonna go continue to plan some stuff out and try to finish the Nicholas Sparks book I’ve been reading, See Me. Maybe I’ll post a book review on it when I’m done. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.12.39 PM

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