Let’s Get Personal | Internship, School, & Other Updates!


Wow, the last time I wrote a personal post was so long ago! At the time I was on Winter Break and things were so so different. I had so much free time and was able to put so much effort into my YouTube channel. Now, I’m possibly busier than I’ve ever been. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Intern Life

As you probably know if you follow my vlog channel, I have an amazing internship this semester at Madison Square Garden. I intern 3 days a week as a production student associate, and so far, it has been an incredible experience. If I wasn’t enjoying myself, I really don’t know how I’d do it.


I wake up at 5:45 AM every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and take a 7:03 (or 6:47, depending on how fast I get ready that morning) train into the city. The ride is just under 2 hours long. In the blur of my exhaustion, it honestly doesn’t really feel that long though. I then arrive at Grand Central Station where I navigate through the subway system to get to Madison Square Garden. Yes, I figured out how to use the scary subway and I am so proud of myself! (And yes, I have gotten lost, gotten on the wrong train, and have had to ask for help from strangers numerous times in the past couple of weeks. But I’ve finally gotten the hang of it, I think.)

By the time I arrive at work, I feel like it’s time for dinner and my day is almost over. But nope, it’s only 9AM. Lol.

I might make a separate post on what it’s like working at MSG and what exactly I do, but for now, I’ll just tell you the key 2 reasons why I love it there: I love the industry and I love the people. And so that’s my goal for my future career. I always want to love the work and I always want to love the people.

And then it’s more subways and more trains, and over 12 hours later, I am reunited with Marist and my house and my bed. I leave when it’s dark outside and I come home when it’s dark outside. It’s a long day – that’s for sure – but it doesn’t even feel like it.

All of my friends say, “OMG. You have to wake up at 5:45 every morning?!” But in my head, I silently correct them. No, I get to wake up at 5:45 every morning. 


School is school. I’m taking 12 credits this semester (typically I take 15) so my workload is definitely a lot lighter. Funny story: I was originally signed up to take 15 credits but I ended up dropping a photography class.

TV Shows

I just want to take the time to say that I rediscovered a TV show that I have been absolutely addicted to. Coming from me, this means a lot. I don’t “watch TV.” I’ve never been the type to just lounge around and binge on Netflix when I’m bored. I simply don’t have the attention span. Yes, I religiously watch the Bachelor every Monday and just started getting into Pretty Little Liars on Tuesdays (although I missed the last few), but I don’t “binge-watch” any shows the way some people do/can.

HOWEVER…that all changed when I found Devious Maids.


I had watched the first few episodes 2 years ago during my internship (I had to research characters, cast, production, etc.) and vaguely remembered liking it. So…the other day I decided to give it another try and I am in love. I look forward to watching it every single night before I go to sleep and it’s just so addicting. If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about 3 maids who work for some of the richest (and most interesting) people in Beverly Hills. Then their friend, Flora, gets murdered one night and a professor, Marisol, decides to go undercover as a maid in order to find out who did it because her son has been framed. It’s kind of like a Desperate Housewives meets murder mystery.


I would just like to take this time to say that NYC has some of the best salads in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 5.42.54 PM

Well, that’s it for now! I have a bunch of super fun projects I’m working on behind the scenes for YouTube and various other things, like this. It was fun catching up…we’ll have to do it again some time! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 7.40.25 PM

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