SURPRISE! I’m Alive.

It has been quite some time since I last wrote on here because as much as I love writing, I needed to focus my full attention elsewhere. Doing a lot of things is great, but sometimes it’s not so great when you’re giving a little bit of effort to a lot. I’d rather give my all to one or two things at a time. Lately that’s been creating content for my YouTube channel and writing my own personal book.

Basically everything I do falls into the creative realm, and I have realized that there are 2 caveats to being a part of this particular “world.”

(1) It is SO hard to make content unless you feel inspired. If you’re working at a retail store and you don’t feel like doing it, you just do. You just fold those clothes, help the customers, make the sales, and then go home. But if you don’t feel like working when you’re doing something creative, it’s almost impossible to get the results you want. The finished product just won’t  be the same.

(2) The more effortless something looks, the more time it probably took to make. That’s actually a really interesting thought. So much of what I do looks like I just whipped it up, but in reality, it takes TIME!

So…where does all of this leave my blog? Well, my goal is for it to just kind of be there. Somewhere I can jot down random thoughts about absolutely anything. Like if I want to post a picture of the glorious salad I ate for lunch yesterday next to the sea, I will. 😉

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 9.51.06 AM

Side note: I am never eating onions again. They are disgusting and I don’t know why I do it. In the moment, it’s all fun in games but the taste lingers in my mouth UNTIL THE NEXT DAY. I had this at about 1p.m. yesterday and woke up tasting onions. Mind you, I must have brushed my teeth a million times yesterday, and had other meals, but the onion taste remains. Disgusting.

Tip of the day: Don’t order a salad on a first date. You might think, Oh, of course I’ll just order a nice, light salad. It’s the safest option. NO. The pieces of lettuce are always too big and you’re left looking like some sort of dinosaur with leaves falling out of your mouth. Definitely go for the rack of ribs.

I always wonder if people get my humor…

2 thoughts on “SURPRISE! I’m Alive.

  1. Awesome Clancy. Maybe don’t think of a blog post as having to be a “real” blog post. That can be a lot of pressure. How many words? Pix? Links?

    What if a “post” was just something longer than a tweet, but not necessarily a “full” or “real” blog post? That might be easier. Funnerer.

    Anyway, keep up the great work Clancy! 😀

  2. I definitely know what you mean about making content without feeling inspired. When this happens it feels as if every stroke of the brush, every keystroke is torture…because you’re no longer enjoying what you’re doing. Or maybe it’s just me? IDK I also understand the need to have a place to jot down ideas, thoughts, etc. It’s the main reason that I’ve a blog myself – plus you also need somewhere to spam people with photos of all the lovely food you eat, clothes you wear, etc. Finally, I cannot wait to read your book – and off to check out your YouTube channel RN.

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