Who is Clancy Burke?

Growing up, I made various declarations of my future career ambitions.

I’m going to be a doctor! I’d say on Monday, but when I nearly fainted after seeing Jimmy scrape his knee open at recess on Wednesday, I realized medicine wasn’t for me.

And when I found out there was more to law than just arguing in a courtroom all day, it became clear that the whole lawyer thing wasn’t going to work out.

Accountant? No. FBI agent? No. Permanent inhabitant of my parents’ basement? Tempting, but no. None of these options were right for me.

But news and television? Now that was something.

Every morning I’d read the newspaper front to back, and as I was shoveling Cocoa Puffs into my mouth, I’d absorb everything that was happening in the world. From the war in Iraq to a squabble between neighbors, I wanted to know it all. News is kind of an odd obsession for anyone to have, let alone a 10-year-old. Simply put, I have always had a love for knowledge and the power it truly has.

If you ask me to define myself in just one word, without a doubt, I would say that I am curious. I don’t just want to know what happened, but how and why and where. Whether I’m investigating a news story or chatting with friends, I always dig a little deeper.

And that reminds me…I do have friends, a social life, and believe it or not, actual hobbies and interests! At the top of the list: exploring new places, reading, writing, politics, good conversation, and spending time with the people I love.



10 thoughts on “Who is Clancy Burke?

  1. Wierd thing…I didn’t brush my hair until I got peanut butter in it
    and I have a fear of haircuts, my mom cuts my hair

  2. I can’t wait for you to write a post on health/fitness! I’m really into exercising and eating nutritious meals, so I’m looking forward to that 🙂 Loving your blog x

  3. Clancy, you make me so happy. You somehow find the perfect way to say what the world needs to hear, as well as stating your opinion without offending a heck of a lot of others’ opinions, which is a challenge for some people in today’s world. All this, and you manage to do it with sass and class. Thanks for existing.
    -a dedicated subscriber and reader (Katie C)

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