16 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi :), My Name is Gabby and I have a question on your thoughts well I am going into 7th grade and from your videos I know you in college I just wanna ask you how your middle school experience was like or like your 7th-8th grade experiences I don’t get bullied or anything in my school I am actually now that I think about it I am well-known but in 6th grade there was so much drama and I hope there is not as much drama next year everyone says there will be way more drama every year. How was your experience? If you can I would appreciate to email me or reply back . I have 2 more questions. how did you decide that you wanted to make a blog,and how did you make your blog. 2: I have always wanted to make a blog just to post about my life and just get my feelings out . Any tips? Hope you can answer some of my many questions thanks:)

    • Hey gabby! My name nyah, and im currently in 8th grade. Im just curious- how’s your middle school experience? Feel free to email me at brownnyah30@gmail.com !!! (I dont really care if anyone spams me, and i love making new friends, so feel free to email me anytime, even if your not Gabby.)

  2. Hey Clancy!!:) I love your name it’s so pretty!:) But anyway… Your just like me!!:) your personality is just like mine, and your awesome!:) I love your YouTube videos, they are wonderful:) You give lots of cool advise!:) I have been following you on YouTube for a wile now, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE YOUTUBER EVER!!:) I adore you!!:) Please Write me back on my website!:)


    Thx, you are awesome!!:)

  3. Hey Clancy! Its Barrett 🙂 I was just watching one of your videos and I realized you have a website so I came to check it out now I cant stop reading your blog posts!

  4. This is the only blog I follow and keep up with. Your writing is amazing and I enjoy every single post you make. I also love your youtube videos a lot and to me you are one of the most amazing people on this planet. You also give amazing advice. Stay awsome and rock on Clancy!

  5. Hey Clancy I am going into 7th grade and I love your videos but could you do some on how to stay organized with the smaller locker that don fit much into it

  6. Clancy hey girl! I was wondering how did you make this blog? I wanna make one but I do not know how, so if there is another website you went through please let me know so I can start mine:) love Clancy vlogs by the way!

  7. Hi Clancy! You’re a really big Youtube star with interesting videos. I was wondering how much you make off of your Youtube channel?

  8. Amazing. Spectacular. Beautiful. BOMB. This blog….I don’t have enough words to describe my feelings. All of the topics you’ve written about and the WAY you put your thoughts here is mesmerizing. Once I read something I need about 5-10 minutes of thinking. Making me think is the top criteria for me to identify a blog as absolutely successful and your just broke the charts.
    Lots of love and thank you for writing.

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